Monash Ice Sheet Initiative (MISI)

Investigating the cryosphere in a changing climate

Our focus is on understanding how glaciers and ice sheets flow and respond to a changing climate. Our team uses a combination of modern observations, geological data and numerical modelling, which we apply in Antarctica and in many of Earth's alpine regions.


Our research is concerned with these key questions:

  1. Are humans responsible for Antarctica's recent and growing contribution to rising sea level?

  2. How do ice sheets and glaciers respond to climate change and variability across space and time?

  3. What are the processes behind rapid ice sheet retreat, and when will this occur?


Recent news regarding MISI

Monash University wins Antarctic funding

21st April, 2020

Monash University leads $36 million global collaboration to secure Antarctica's future.

Read more here.

Arrival of two Research Fellows

2nd March, 2020

The Monash Ice Sheet Initiative welcomes two Antarctic Research Fellows, Dr Felicity McCormack and Dr Richard Selwyn Jones.

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