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Come and learn about Antarctica
Monash University
Virtual open day 2020

Learning Resources

Want to know more about ice and climate?

Here are some links to external resources that cover various aspects of glaciers, ice sheets, climate change, and Antarctica.


Ice Flows

Play a game to learn about how ice flows, and what is required to grow and melt an ice sheet.


Antarctic Glaciers

Learn about Antarctica, ice and climate, ice sheet processes, and glacial geology.

Discovering Antarctica

Information all about Antarctica, from science to policy. In particular, check out the section on oceans, atmosphere and landscape.


Our team teaches across many different units within Monash University's School of Earth Atmosphere and Environment programme.

Earth, atmosphere and environment

EAE1011 and EAE1022

Physical Environments


Palaeoclimatology: Discovering Earth's past climate


Future climates: Projections, impacts and adaptation


Cosmogenic exposure dating

A geochronology technique that provides a measure of when a rock surface became exposed to the sky. Cosmogenic-nuclide surface-exposure dating can be used to record the past size of glaciers and ice sheets, and also estimate rates of bedrock erosion.


The frozen water component of the Earth system. The cryosphere includes snow cover, frozen ground, sea ice, lake ice, river ice, glaciers and ice sheets.


A list of common terms related to our research

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