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Our publications

Peer-reviewed publications by members of our team

January, 2022

Sequential quartz purification of 125–63 µm material for in-situ cosmogenic nuclide analysis
Whitmore, R.
, Norton, K.P., Ashworth, L. and Mackintosh, A.N.

May, 2021

The Impact of Variable Ocean Temperatures on Totten Glacier Stability and Discharge
McCormack, F.S., Roberts, J.L., Gwyther, D.E., Morlighem, M., Pelle, T. and Galton‐Fenzi, B.K.

May, 2021

The temperature change shortcut: effects of mid-experiment temperature changes on the deformation of polycrystalline ice
Craw, L., Treverrow, A., Fan, S., Peternell, M., Cook, S., McCormack, F., and Roberts, J.

February, 2021

The Double-Peaked El Niño and Its Physical Processes

Shin, N.Y., Kug, J.S., McCormack, F.S. and Holbrook, N.J.

November, 2020

Antarctica in a Changing Climate: The impacts of the Antarctic Ice Sheet response to climate change will have global consequences for millions living near the coast. It’s just a matter of when.

Noble, T.L., Rohling, E.J. and McCormack, F.S.

October, 2020

Regional-scale abrupt Mid-Holocene ice sheet thinning in the western Ross Sea, Antarctica

Jones, R.S.*, Whitmore, R.J.*, Mackintosh, A.N., Norton, K.P., Eaves, S.R., Stutz, J. and Christl, M. (*Joint-lead)

October, 2020

Integral correlation for uneven and differently sampled data, and its application to the Law Dome Antarctic climate record

Roberts, J.L., Jong, L.M., McCormack, F.S., Curran, M.A., Moy, A.D., Etheridge, D.M. et al.

October, 2020

Updated inventory of glacier ice in New Zealand based on 2016 satellite imagery

Baumann, S., Anderson, B., Chinn, T., Mackintosh, A., Collier, C., Lorrey, A., Rack, W., Purdie, H. and Eaves, S.

August, 2020

The sensitivity of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to a changing climate: Past, present and future

Noble, T. L., Rohling, E. J., Aitken, A. R. A., Bostock, H. C., Chase, Z., Gomez, N., Jong, L. M., King, M. A., Mackintosh, A. N., McCormack, F. S., McKay, R. M., Menviel, L., Phipps, S. J., Weber, M. E., Fogwill, C. J., Gayen, B., Golledge, N. R., Gwyther, D. E., Mc, A., Hogg, C., Martos, Y. M., Pena‐Molino, B., Roberts, J., van de Flierdt, T. and Williams, T.

August, 2020

Anthropogenic warming forces extreme annual glacier mass loss

Vargo, L.J., Anderson, B.A., Dadić, R., Horgan, H.J., Mackintosh, A.N., King, A.D. & Lorrey, A.M.

June, 2020

Southern Ocean carbon sink enhanced by sea-ice feedbacks at the Antarctic Cold Reversal

Fogwill, C.J., Turney, C.S.M., Menviel, L., Baker, A., Weber, M.E., Ellis, B., Thomas, Z.A., Golledge, N.R., Etheridge, D., Rubino, M., Thornton, D.P., van Ommen, T.D., Moy, A., Curran, M.A.J., Davies, S., Bird, M.I., Munksgaard, N.C., Rootes, C.M., Millman, H., Vohra, J., Rivera, A., Mackintosh, A., Pike, J., Hall, I.R., Bagshaw, E.A., Rainsley, E., Bronk-Ramsey, C., Montenari, M., Cage, A.G., Harris, M.R.P., Jones, R., Power, A., Love, J., Young, J., Weyrich, L.S. and Cooper, A.

June, 2020

Ice surface lowering of Skelton Glacier, Transantarctic Mountains, since the Last Glacial Maximum: Implications for retreat of grounded ice in the western Ross Sea

Anderson, J.T.H., Wilson, G.S., Jones, R.S., Fink, D. and Toshiyuki, F.

May 2020

Geologic controls on ice sheet sensitivity to deglacial climate forcing in the Ross Embayment, Antarctica

Lowry. D.P., Golledge, N.R., Bertler, N., Jones, R.S. and Stutz, J.

April, 2020

Aurora Basin, the weak underbelly of East Antarctica

Pelle, T., Morlighem, M. and McCormack, F.S.

February, 2020

Totten Glacier subglacial hydrology determined from geophysics and modeling

Dow, C.F., McCormack, F.S., Young, D.A., Greenbaum, J.S., Roberts, J.L. and Blankenship, D.D.,

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